3 Tips for choosing a Pet Portrait Artist

3 Tips for choosing a Pet Portrait Artist

3 Things to keep in mind when choosing a Pet Portrait Artist 


Like their unique style, Every artist has their own individual style it’s important to look at different artists and get an idea of what you like before you commit to ordering a custom piece. Determine if their style fits your space and decor. When you order a piece of art you want to make sure its going to go well in your space or the space of the person your gifting it to.


Like their personality and how they communicate with you. Are they warm and patient? More direct? Do they want to involve you in the creative process or be more hands off none of these are wrong. You want a personality that can work well with yours. Having a bad experience with an artist will change the way you look at your artwork for ever.


If your unhappy will they fix it? You’re the expert on your pet - if the artist missed that one black eye brow hair or the eyes just aren’t quite the right colour will they make you happy? When you commission something you want it to be perfect so make sure your artist will go the extra mile for you.




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